Spicy's Best Superpass Day Ever - BB14 House Tour

Spicy Superpass Big Brother Spicypants
Spicypants for Superpass on the Big Brother 14 House Tour

Some of you may or may not know, I was hired by Seattle's Superpass (R.I.P.) after my snarky blogs about Big Brother were discovered online. Chelsia (BB9) was working for Superpass at the time, and after finding my blogs and seeing that I was local, she passed my name on. I was contacted soon after.

The highlights of my time at Superpass were definitely doing the Big Brother Backyard Interviews (which I'll write more about another day), but there was only one time I was able to actually go into the house, Big Brother 14 media day.

Not only did I get to do a house tour, meet Big Brother producers and staff, interview Julie Chen (!!!) and play a mock-game of Big Brother with other members of the media, I also got to literally crawl through THE WALLS of the Big Brother house, eat slop, see the live show studio, dip my toes in the backyard pool, and swing in what would become Ian's hammock.

During the house tour I was so excited I was practically hyperventilating. I could barely catch my breath. Remember, I was just a superfan who got lucky with this job. Thank God for editing (Kimberly!), because I felt like I was a blubbering mess during the shoot.

Being inside the house was so surreal, and looking back, I am so honored to have had the opportunity.

Big Brother 16 is one-month away! Are YOU excited?

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