JENNCiTY's 'Out IV Blood' Rocks Our World

JENNCiTY Jenn Arroyo Big Brother
JENNCiTY's Jenn Arroyo

Big Brother's rockin' babe Jenn Arroyo and her band JENNCiTY have released their album, Out IV Blood, and you can buy it for only $5.94! I seriously just bought a cup o' coffee for about a buck less than that.

Out IV Blood dropped on April 22nd and is available on iTunes NOW. ('VengeDance' is totally my fave.)

Out IV Blood cover
"Great blend of rock/metal/hardcore. Awesome energy, great songs. Some great nods to genres and bands from the past none of the cookie cutter crap you hear today. Rock n F'n Roll!" - Pags524 on iTunes

On a side note, it seems that Jenn is looking for a new apartment in the Brooklyn area. If anyone has any good leads for her, get ahold of her on Twitter. Pretty sure she'd be a kick ass neighbor.

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