What I Love About Big Brother Canada.

Big Brother Canada 2015 Season 3
BBCAN is a real treat for hardcore BB fans.
Yes, I love Big Brother Canada. There are a multitude of reasons why, but these are just the ones I could come up with off the top of my head today.

Why do YOU love BBCAN? Add your reasons in the comments, I'd love to read them.

Why I Love Big Brother Canada:

1. Arisa Cox - Unassuming, tweets with fans, humble, the not-bot hottie.

2. Social Media - The person(s) doing Big Brother Canada's social media kills. They have a fantastic sense of humor, their entertaining interaction is appreciated by fans, and they actually LISTEN to us. BBCAN has done a great job of using social media as a tool to get feedback for the show. But not only do they listen to the feedback, they incorporate it.

3. Fan Interaction - BBCAN lets fans get involved. On social media, in decision making, on their website, and in pre-season and post-season events. Canadian BB bloggers are welcome with open arms to cover Big Brother Canada and visit their studios. BBUS is like getting into Fort Knox.

4. Big Brother Canada Is Snarky - So Andrew picked his nose repeatedly on the live feeds? Rachelle nonchalantly peed in the hot tub? They're gonna show that ish on the show.
Yep. BBCAN pulls no punches.

5. Casting - Way more diverse than BBUS. Why is this when the same person casts for both shows? Must be a CBS thing.

6. Twists - BBCAN's twists are soooo much better than BBUS. They are truly unexpected, unique and shocking. BBUS has gotten into such a habit of repeating the past that the show has become terribly predictable.

7. Patriotism - I adore BBCAN's awesome Canadian patriotism! Canadian inspired comps, costumes, decor, I love it all. It would be pretty cool if BBUS was as patriotic.
Our patriotism spans one day - Fourth of July.

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