Holding Hantz: The Hantz Brothers Might Be On Your TV Again.

Holding Hantz Russell Hantz Reality Tv Trailer
The Hantz Brothers are Tryna Get Back on TV via 'Holding Hantz'

Just when you thought the Hantz brothers were going to ride off into obscurity, they're trying to land another reality TV show. This time, it's about opening a family owned and operated restaurant.

Holding Hantz.

Holding Hantz stars the entire Hantz family; maw, pawand all those fiery brothers you've come to love or hate. Remember them all?

Russell Hantz, three-time player of Survivor and general shit starter on Twitter. The best known of the Hantz brothers who also starred in the A&E reality show, Flipped Off, with his brother Shawn.
Flipped Off Russell Hantz
Flipped Off didn't last long.

Shawn Hantz, who starred on Flipped Off and made a brief appearance on Survivor. Probably the most passive (if there is such a thing) of the Hantz brothers.

Willie Hantz, whose time on Big Brother 14 was very, very short. Best known for head butting Chef Joe, his mug shot and Fruit Loops.

Brandon Hantz, two-time player of Survivor. Best known for sealing his own fate, his moral struggles, his lack of meds.

Then there is sister Melanie, who totally reminds me of Janice from The Sopranos. Do you see it, too?

Melanie Hantz Russell Hantz's Sister

Anyhow, it looks like the entire family is coming together to try and make Holding Hantz happen. They're all tweeting and Facebooking it to networks like A&E and HGTV, and are getting fans to follow suit.

Watch the trailer of Holding Hantz and lemme know what you think:

Would you watch Holding Hantz if it were to be picked up for television? 

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