Eric Stein Returning for Big Brother 16?

Big Brother 16 Rumors Eric Stein
Former HGs want Eric Stein back for #BB16

And just today Janelle Pierzina posted on Beamly, "I heard Eric Stein is coming back. He's already been contacted. Even though I don't like him on a personal level, I'd like to see him play again without the Americas Player twist."

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Sadly, if former Big Brother houseguests are saying it on social media, it's probably not going to happen. But then again...

Would you like to see Eric Stein return for Big Brother 16?


  1. I hated Cappy! They need to bring back Frank, boogie, Dan,Ian, Matt Hoffman, Hayden, Reagan, Rachel, Chelsea, Danielle (BB14), Ashley (BB14), Shane (Capt. America), Andrew(Capt. Kosher), James Rhine, Adam Poch and for shit's and giggles chef Joe... this would be a pretty awesome All-Star team minus the last two and they are just for entertainment value.so this is my fantasy big brother team

    1. Thank you Christopher, I would love to go back with that cast. And FYI Eric Stein is not Cappy! ( I was not a Cappy / Nerd Herd fan either)

  2. One of the biggest rumors going around is that this will be a copy of Survivor's Blood vs Water...where houseguests will return and play with a loved one. Not sure how that would work, unless they played it similar to season 9, where you become HOH as a pair, and nominate 2 other pairs.

    I really hope this is just PURE rumor though.