Who Are the Big Brother "Queens"?

Big Brother Queens Janelle Pierzina
BB Queens Janelle and Rachel

Everyone is a damn queen these days.

Big Brother fans call every female houseguest a "queen" upon their arrival to the internet. Jessie fans call her "Queen Jessie," there's "Queen Elissa," and "Queen Amanda," "Queen Ika," and "Queen Candice," "Queen Annie," "and Queen Anick," and on and on...

Big Brother Canada 2 Drag Queen
Another real BB Queen 
No offense to any of the ladies above, but isn't "Queen ____" getting to be a bit overused? Shouldn't Queen be reserved for those BB females who had a strong game, killed comps, and AT LEAST made it to jury? I mean, if you are first out, you are not a damn Big Brother Queen, no matter how much attitude you have (Annie), or how cute you are (Anick).

So the question is, WHO are THE Big Brother QUEENS? The real Queens who ran shit, played aggressively and set new standards for the game?

Arrow Pointing Right
In the comments below, list THREE women of Big Brother (any season, any country) who you think are Queens. Then we'll have a "Queen-Off" (a.k.a. a poll) to see who the reigning champs are.

My votes go to: 1. Janelle, 2. Rachel, and 3. Dani or Neda

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