Liza Stinton and Aaryn Gries Talk About Haters, Their Feud

Aaryn Gries Interview With Liza Stinton
Liza talks with Aaryn Gries
Big Brother Canada's Liza Stinton recently spoke with BBUS' Aaryn Gries in an interview I wasn't sure would ever happen.

Big Brother Canada Liza Stinton
On a webisode of 'Liza's Dish,' Liza and Aaryn spoke to one another about their experiences with Big Brother, their haters, and their feud after the BB15 finale party in Vegas.

Liza asked Aaryn if she went back to her normal life after the show, or if she essentially went into hiding. Aaryn said she went back to normal life, and that most of the hate was online, not in person.  She's blocked most of the haters and rarely sees haters online anymore. Liza says she still receives hater's tweets and that just recently someone told her, "You have an average body and an ugly face."

Of their feud, Liza said it all started in Vegas (remember?).

"I came and sat by you and you said, 'I thought you hated me.' I thought, 'Did somebody say something, or is she just vibe-ing off me right now?'

Aaryn responded that she was on the defense after having so much criticism after the show and just expected that everyone hated her. She also said she knew the "exact moment" that Liza started hating her. When she blew up on Jessie Kowalski. Then there was that tweet....heh.

Watch the interview here:

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