Big Brother Canada 2 Winner: Who Will It Be? [POLL]

Big Brother Canada 2 Jon and Neda
BBCAN2: Who do FANS want to win?

Big Brother Canada 2 Sabrina AbanteBig Brother Canada 2 fans, what a great season BBCAN2 was! I could name a gazillion things about BBCAN2 that I love, but we'll save that for another post.

Right now I'd like to know who you'd like to see win it all.

Big Brother Canada 2's final four are Sabrina, Jon, Neda and Heather

I'm still pretty shocked Sabrina made it to the final four, her gameplay was so intense. On the flip side, I'm not shocked about Jon, Neda and Heather making F4.

Big Brother Canada 2 Heather Finale
Heather's probably not making F3
I'm personally pulling for Neda, and have been from the beginning. I like Jon, but I think Neda trumps his gameplay. Heather has had amazing staying power, especially since she was such an outcast at the beginning.

(*SPOILER: We know that as HOH Sabrina has put Jon and Heather on the block, and Jon won POV. We also know that Heather is most likely going to jury next, but it ain't over yet!)

Who do you want to see win Big Brother Canada 2, and why do you think they deserve it? Do any one of the four NOT deserve it?

Who Do You Hope Wins BBCAN2?


  1. I believe Neda should win BBCA2 she worked this game absolutely almost perfect any seeds she planted were watered by Jon & herself. Jon & Neda made a fantastic team but Neda was the one that ran it all. I don't believe Sabrina deserves one thin dime! Didn't like Sabrina's way of playing the game her game play reminded me of Rachel's from BBUS Just a BIG ASS MESS of lies cry'n & just flat out nasty play. I like a player that can change the game w/out others seeing the big picture. And if they did know what was going on Neda worked it to her advantage Neda for the #1 WIN !!!!!!

  2. I think Jon should take it. He is the only remaining male left and has such a huge personality that many veiwers appreciate. To have not been able to get him out or recognize his game early on , speaks volumes. His a MONSTER! Hundo. Neda is great also but IMO J-tugs ftw!

  3. Neda deserves to win it the most. She played an amazing game. Any BB fan / live feeder would agree with me. If anyone is confused and thinks that Jon is a better choice. Jon made several moves that were better for Neda, but Neda didn't. Jon would've been gone a long time ago if it weren't for Neda. Jon was in jeopardy almost every week, but Neda managed to go to a F4 where everyone of them would probably take her to the F2. And those that think Sabrina deserves it! Well you don't deserve reasons, because clearly you're an unreasonable person.

  4. I find the final 3 annoying but if I had to cast a vote it would probably be for Sabrina because Neda and Jon I think are to cocky!

  5. I agree, Jon and Neda should not win, im routing for Sabrina. Come on Canada why would you let a Easter Bunny killer win!!

  6. my vote is for Jon or Sabrina, I hate Neda, I cant stand how 2 face she is with Jon, he has been honest with her from day one, and she just keeps breaking all the promises they both made to eachother and stupid Jon believes everything that BITCH says! really I dont care who wins but now am voting for Sabrina =)

  7. Jon should win the only one who is sincere all the rest are back stabbers and whiney like Sabrina. Adel should have been in thus final 3