Big Brother Canada 2 Winner: Who Will It Be? [POLL]

Big Brother Canada 2 Jon and Neda
BBCAN2: Who do FANS want to win?

Big Brother Canada 2 Sabrina AbanteBig Brother Canada 2 fans, what a great season BBCAN2 was! I could name a gazillion things about BBCAN2 that I love, but we'll save that for another post.

Right now I'd like to know who you'd like to see win it all.

Big Brother Canada 2's final four are Sabrina, Jon, Neda and Heather

I'm still pretty shocked Sabrina made it to the final four, her gameplay was so intense. On the flip side, I'm not shocked about Jon, Neda and Heather making F4.

Big Brother Canada 2 Heather Finale
Heather's probably not making F3
I'm personally pulling for Neda, and have been from the beginning. I like Jon, but I think Neda trumps his gameplay. Heather has had amazing staying power, especially since she was such an outcast at the beginning.

(*SPOILER: We know that as HOH Sabrina has put Jon and Heather on the block, and Jon won POV. We also know that Heather is most likely going to jury next, but it ain't over yet!)

Who do you want to see win Big Brother Canada 2, and why do you think they deserve it? Do any one of the four NOT deserve it?

Who Do You Hope Wins BBCAN2?

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