BBCAN2 Fans: YOU Have A Vote, Get To Steppin'.

Big Brother Canada 2 Fans Jury Vote
7th and Final Jury Vote Goes to BBCAN2 Fans!

Big Brother Canada rocks for so many reasons (there I go again) and yet ANOTHER reason is because BB allows fans to have a JURY VOTE, helping to decide the winner of BBCAN2!

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday May 7th, BBCAN2 fans can vote on who they think deserves to win Big Brother Canada, in the Twistos Twist. You will only be able to vote until Thursday, May 8th at noon, so don't forget to cast your votes during this time. This is where your points really come in handy!

The Big Brother Canada 2 finale is Thursday night, 9pm EST!

For now, go take our poll as to who YOU want to see win Big Brother Canada 2! (It looks like Neda is a fan favorite.)


  1. Jon deserves to win.He has been the most sincere person in the house,and of course very loving and entertaining.

    1. yes go Jon

    2. Jon is the winner and lying Neda and annoying Sabrina need to go...LaSalle, Ontario Canada...says...JON is the BBC2 WINNER....go Jon

  2. Jon should win!