Danielle Reyes Calls Out @CornerOffice16 Regarding Alleged Leaks

Big Brother 16 Spoilers
Danielle proves Twitter "spoilers" are false
So, those Big Brother 16 rumors that have been going around? The ones that were "leaked" by that @CornerOffice16 dude? They hold no water. Former Big Brother houseguest Danielle Reyes confirmed that this guy is straight trollin'.

CornerOffice16 claimed that Danielle and her "sister" were offered a spot on the alleged vet/relatives season but wanted "too much money." Danielle caught wind of this and called out CornerOffice 16 saying she doesn't even HAVE A SISTER.

Heh. Troll FAIL.

Read more over at BigBrotherAccess.com.

(Btw, @CornerOffice16 has been suspended.)

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