Big Brother 16 Rumor Mill: BB Vets and Relatives?

Big Brother 16 Cast Rumors Spoilers
BB16 Rumors may or may not be a Zzzzzing!
Big Brother 16 is only six-weeks away, and that means the rumor mill has started churning!

Okay, so first off, there is no proof AT ALL that any of this is true. This information could be misinformation, or it could be a random Twitter BB fan attention whore who has nothing better to do than to get us all talking.

Corner Office is back. @corneroffice16 is droppin' rumor bombs on Twitter that Big Brother 16 will be either a Relative and Vets season, or 100% All-Stars.

The "potential" vets and relatives rumored to possibly be returning are:

Frank & his dad Sid
Dom & Dani
Dan & wife Chelsea
Rachel & Elissa
Aaryn Gries & ?
Kara Monaco & ?
Corner Office promises more rumors, so we'll have to keep our eye on them.

Do you believe the Big Brother rumors by Corner Office? What would you think if the rumors were true?

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