Big Brother 16 Premiere Party With Former BB Houseguests!

Big Brother 16 Premiere Party
Big Brother 16 is right around the corner!
Former Big Brother houseguest Adam Poch is once again throwing a #BB16 Premiere Party in New York City. If fans would like to attend they are more than welcome! Former BB houseguests are expected to attend, and if I were on the right coast I would totally be going. (Someone make sure to buy Adam Poch a jalapeno margarita for me.)

If you attended Adam's Big Brother 15 premiere party, this one will be at the same location.

Big Brother 16 Premiere Party
WHERE: Playwright Irish Pub 35th
               27 W. 35th Street
               New York, New York 10001 
WHEN: Wednesday, June 25th 6:30pm - 10:00pm EST 
CONTACT: Playwright Irish Pub (212) 268-8868

Or just contact Adam on Twitter, I'm sure he'd be more than happy to help.

Former Big Brother houseguests expected to be in attendance so far (unless it's All-Stars and they are asked to go back):

BB8 - Eric Stein & Carol Journey
BB13 - Adam Poch
BB14 - Joe Arvin, JoJo Spatafora, JennCity
BB15 - Gina Marie Zimmerman

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