Adel Evicted on BBCAN2 Tonight

Jon is not happy with Neda telling Adel he'll be evicted.
Adel Elseri Evicted BBCAN2
Adel Elseri (Photo Cred: UGotBronx)
It looks like Adel Elseri will be the next to be evicted on Big Brother Canada 2 - and now he knows it. Neda told him, so now Jon is pissed at her.

Neda apologized saying she just "shouldn't talk in the morning," and that it "just slipped out."

Jon is not amused, and seems to be under immense stress this morning. It's a bit comical, and a bit sad, seeing him in such turmoil while wearing that baby bonnet.

Are you glad Adel will be evicted on tonight's Big Brother Canada?


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