BB Canada 2: #Handrew Gets a Helping Hand From Allison

Big Brother Canada 2 Handrew And Allison
Big Brother Canada 2: Allison and #Handrew
What would you do to win $100,000? Would you fake a romance with someone? Kiss them, even if you had someone back home? Would you give them a handy? Allison would, and did.

Handrew BBCAN2
Monday night while in bed, Allison and Andrew got intimate without actually bumping uglies. However, Allison gave Handrew a hand in releasing any tension he may have had yesterday. Shortly afterwards, the hashtag #Handrew was born. He's never going to live it down, either. But neither will Allison.

I wonder what "Aaron" is thinking? Remember, Aaron is the guy Allison spoke to while alone on the live feeds, after kissing Handrew. She said, "I'm so sorry, Aaron. It's a game. I miss you. F*@%! I hate myself."

I bet she REALLY has morning after regret this morning. But hey, it's just a game, right?
Canada, are you regretting voting Allison into the Big Brother Canada 2 house?

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