BBCAN2: Rachelle is Gross.

Big Brother Canada Rachelle Pees In Hot Tub
Screen shot credit: @AvonClark
Big Brother Canada 2's Rachelle might make some of the nerdy boys hot, but she grosses most of us out.

She picks her nose in front of the cameras (can't you go pick your nose in the toilet?), and pees intentionally in the hot tub. Then acts like it ain't no big thang. At least Talla was wasted when she did it, Rachelle can't use that as an excuse.

The video, courtesy of Big Brother Updates:

At 00:38 Rachelle picks her nose, of course. Left nostril, then right.

Around 01:35 Rachelle pees in the hot tub.

At 01:38 You can see it.

01:42 Sabrina calls Rachelle out, "Did you pee?!"


"'Cause you see all the yellow."

"Oh my gawd, you're so lucky no one else is in here."

Rachelle sits back down in her pee pants and swirls it around the hot tub. Actually, she swats it right in Sabrina's direction. Sabrina later plops back down in the hot tub like nothing happened.

(And yeah, I heard about Sabrina, the shower and the cotton rocket. Poor Adel. Poor, poor Adel.)

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