Kenny Comes Out To The Entire Big Brother Canada 2 House

Kenny Comes Out on Big Brother Canada 2
#BBCAN2: Kenny comes out! 
Big Brother Canada 2's Kenny Brain finally came out to the entire house.

Kenny Comes Out Rachelle Cries BBCAN2
Kenny coming out seems to upset Rachelle
One week after revealing to Sarah that he is gay, Kenny announced to the the house, "I'm gay!"

Kenny tells the houseguests that he planned on not telling anyone he was gay as a strategy. However, once he realized everyone had boyfriends/was married he figured it wasn't much of a strategy.

"Should I tell them? Should I not tell them? Will they just consider this a massive lie, then consider me a huge liar? Now we're all being honest, so F--- it! Yep, I'm gay!" - Kenny to BBCAN2 houseguests

Rachelle yells, "I would never f----ing guessed, EVER!" She tears up. Finally realizing all that clam flashing did her no damn good.

Rachelle Crying After Kenny Comes Out BBCAN2
Rachelle crying after Kenny comes out (credit: @89razorskate20)

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