Evel Dick Hit By Car? Posts Bloody Pic on Twitter

Evel Dick Hit By Car, Tweets Bloodied Pic
BB8's Evel Dick after accident - hit by car?
Around 9pm EST Thursday night (just after 2:00AM in Ireland) Big Brother 8 winner Evel Dick tweeted a photo of his bloodied self after being involved in a mystery accident.

"Pretty sure I got hit by a car, but I have no memory of what happened... at all. Pretty sure I have a concussion too." - Evel Dick on Twitter

He then posted a couple more times, responding to fans' questions.

"I [sic] probly need stitches and should be at the hospital, but I barely made it home. Man, am I gonna have a headache tomorrow." 
"I had 2 beers all night, no not drunk."

16-hours have since passed, and no word from Evel. Fans are worried. Many have looked to Jun Song, who is a friend of his, for answers, but she has none.

Whether you love him, or you hate him, I hope no one is wishing ill on ED at this time. This is not a good look on anyone. Wishing Dick a speedy recovery.

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