Evel Dick Hit By Car? Posts Bloody Pic on Twitter

Evel Dick Hit By Car, Tweets Bloodied Pic
BB8's Evel Dick after accident - hit by car?
Around 9pm EST Thursday night (just after 2:00AM in Ireland) Big Brother 8 winner Evel Dick tweeted a photo of his bloodied self after being involved in a mystery accident.

"Pretty sure I got hit by a car, but I have no memory of what happened... at all. Pretty sure I have a concussion too." - Evel Dick on Twitter

He then posted a couple more times, responding to fans' questions.

"I [sic] probly need stitches and should be at the hospital, but I barely made it home. Man, am I gonna have a headache tomorrow." 
"I had 2 beers all night, no not drunk."

16-hours have since passed, and no word from Evel. Fans are worried. Many have looked to Jun Song, who is a friend of his, for answers, but she has none.

Whether you love him, or you hate him, I hope no one is wishing ill on ED at this time. This is not a good look on anyone. Wishing Dick a speedy recovery.


  1. Not wishing ill, but karma is a bitch

    1. Bitch had it coming for a long damn time!

  2. I remember him posting on twitter he was buying a motorized bike and if something happens to him...

  3. I liked him on the show but irl he is not a nice person.

  4. A lot of us tweeted his friend Julian Douglas, who lives in LA, to let him know about Dick's injuries and he was trying to get in touch with Dick as well. He tweeted today apologizing for tweeting the picture, so at least he is still alive. A lot of speculation as to whether somebody mugged him, got into a bar fight, etc. I am not passing judgement on what happened, but concern for someone who could have serious head trauma. A lot of people are tweeting to him to go to the hospital and get checked out, but we know how he is.

  5. He has tweeted that his friend in Dublin is taking him to the hospital tomorrow. Good to know that someone in Dublin is there and can check on him.

  6. hes a liar he got his a-- whipped i dont believe he got hit by no car.he got smart with his mouth and got his a--whipped.