BBCAN2: Allison's Drunk Rant Video

VIDEO: Allison is drunk and upset on #BBCAN2 (OBB)

The Newfies got drunk on Big Brother Canada! ....and I'm thinking they shouldn't drink and Big Brother.

Allison Drunk Rant on Big Brother Canada 2
Allison's drunk rant
Allison got the most drunk - or was the least able to hold her liquor - and lost her ish. She sobbed, cried about missing her mom, hating the game, you know the drill. BB meltdown.

"I did not agree to this sh*t!"

Gee, we've never heard that on Big Brother before, heh.

"I'm a healthcare professional. I'm a healthcare professional! And all of you are SICK individuals! Doing this on purpose, I do not care... I am a f***ing beautiful individual..."

Then she mumbles some nonsense...

"I miss my mother. I miss my father. I miss the person I was supposed to be with before I came here. I miss Andrew..."

It's pretty bad, Allison is so drunk she's probably blacked out during her drunken rant. Live feeds gold!

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