Survivor: Eliza Orlins and Russell Hantz Rip Into Tony Vlachos

Survivor Eliza Orlins Russell Hantz
Eliza and Russell call Tony a "dirty cop"
After last night's episode of Survivor the drama spilled over to Twitter where Cagayan cast member Tony Vlachos was attacked by former castaways Eliza Orlins and Russell Hantz

We see it every season, Russell and Eliza tag team a current cast member and do their best to rip their head off and sh*t down their throat for one reason or another. Sure, Tony is a cocky, arrogant player, but people like him are the reason we love to watch competitive reality TV shows, right?

Eliza, who has publicly called Tony a "dirty cop" on Twitter, jumped into a conversation between Abi-Maria, Tony and Spencer that was light-hearted - until she joined in. Then it just got ugly.

A fan commented that she must really hate cops. Eliza's response was cutting:

Eliza then tweeted that it should "all be in fun," and that she was surprised Tony blocked her on Twitter. Soon after Russell Hantz jumped on the mean girl train. He also accused Tony of being a dirty cop. [sic] "Come on mr cops or us don't you smashed down innocent peoples doors every day!!??"

Russell also tweeted something about being a Survivor legend, but I didn't grab a screenshot last night, and now that he's sobered up, it's gone.

Tony responded by saying he respects the former castaways but that he deserves respect as well.

Are you Team Eliza or Team Tony? CBS Interactive Inc.

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