Mike Boogie Loses In Court, To The Tune Of $10.5 MILLION

Mike Boogie really needs to win Big Brother 11 times
Mike "Boogie" Malin of Big Brother owes MILLIONS to his former landlord of the Geisha House in Atlanta.

To be exact, a whopping $10.5 million dollars.

Boogie's former landlord of his Atlanta Geisha House restaurant sued him for not paying his rent for EIGHT YEARS. Why the hell the landlord waited, and why he allowed Mike Boogie to continue running his business without paying the rent is beyond me, but after years of not getting paid, the landlord finally sued him for it.

$10.5 MILLION.

That's just insane! (Said in BBCAN Paul voice.)

For the record, Boogie never wins in court. He's got LOTS of experience in the courtroom.

Mike Boogie Malin Loses Extortion Case

Mike Boogie Sued for Embezzlement

Sounds like someone needs a GoFundMe or Kickstarter to get sucker Big Brother fans to donate. Heh.

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  2. I certainly hope he does not appear on BB again. He won and was running a business! Why didn't he pay his rent?

  3. Isn't he partners with Danny Masterson and Wilder Valderrama??

  4. i think it's pretty bollocks that the geisha house waited that long to file....and then close down after the win. sounds like the manager didn't think he was making enough money, wanted to get rich quick, saw his opportunity, sued the knickers off this idiot and then closed down to enjoy his new found wealth w/o having to work anymore.