#BBCAN2: Ika and Sabrina Fight

Big Brother Canada 2 Ika Sabrina Fight Video
Ika and Sabrina fight outside
Even though I have been away from Big Brother Canada 2 since last weekend it appears Ika is still the one going home tonight. So really, I don't think I missed much. On thing I did miss though, was a fight between Ika and Sabrina. If you missed it too, here it is.

I am NOT a Sabrina fan, but I definitely like Ika. Not sure why it is that Ika gets so much hate from Big Brother fans. I suppose it's because she failed to make a big move during her HOH, but still, I like her feistiness and know I would get along with her in real life. Sabrina, on the other hand, reminds me of a spoiled, loud, conniving, manipulative child. So of course when these two fight, I am Team Ika all the way.

Int his video clip of the fight, Sabrina plops her ass down by the hot tub where Ika and Adel are talking. She's clearly looking for a fight, and she gets defensive when Ika asks, "Is there a reason why you're here?"

Watch for yourself:


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