#BBCAN2 Cast: Week One Impressions

Big Brother Canada Season 2 Cast Members 2014
The Secret 3 of Big Brother Canada Season 2
After one full week of Big Brother Canada Season 2 we have definitely begun to form opinions of the houseguests.

Before the season began I posted my first impressions of the cast, judging by photos and bios only. I hadn't even watched their videos at that point. One week later and I can judge with more certainty, and here's where I'm at. What are YOUR thoughts after Week 1?

Adel Flips Off Pauk On Big Brother Canada 2

Adel: I might not like his game play, but I like him on the show. He's a crazy, emotional, angry nutbag.

Allison: I love her, feeders love her, former Big Brother Canada houseguests love her. Pretty sure she's a shoo-in as the Final Houseguest.

Andrew: Nose-picker, booger eater, food cooker. His farts are deadly. He has most of the ladies wrapped around his finger and is the #1 alpha male to beat.

Anick Gervais Horse Head Mask #BBCAN2
Anick: I liked her and would have liked her to stay a little longer, but you just KNEW she was going to be an outcast. She's just way too wacky for #BBCAN2. And that f***ing horse head!

Arlie: Who's Arlie? Oh yeah, the guy who talks like he has a bubble lodged in his throat. New nickname = "Kermit".

Heather: Once you get over her voice (worse than Arlie's), she's not that bad. However, she doesn't fit in, is the butt of a lot of jokes and will never win this game. Ever. I bet my house and dog on it.

Ika: She's a bit too aggressive for my liking, but she brings the drama and plays hard. However, she needs to cool it a bit or she won't get as far as she could. Smile more, grit your teeth less, Ika. Oh, and girlfriend talks faster than an auctioneer.

Jon: What happened with his showmance with Rachelle? I like Jon, I'm just not sure he's mentally tough/sharp enough to make it to the end.

Kenny: Does Kenny have a crush on Andrew? Methinks. I also think Kenny will last because he can adapt to any situation. Even if Andrew, Kenny's biggest ally, is voted off, he will still find a comfortable alliance.

Kyle Shore Big Brother Canada 2
Kyle: The douchebag has grown on me. I'm not sure why, but I don't hate him. I guess I like the drama he and Adel bring together. I think there is more to Kyle than you see on the exterior.

Nate: Adorable, but that kid had a WAY better shot at getting in Contessa's panties than getting in the #BBCAN2 house.

Neda: I like her and I think she could go far but she needs to integrate more with the other houseguests. I expected her to be more conniving.

Paul: Hey guy, you're Baby-fricking-Huey. A dirty player who will promise anything* to get further in the game. *His word means nothing.

Big Brother Canada Rachelle Picks Her Nose
Rachelle: Another nose-picker. What is with the nose picking in this house?! I thought Rachelle was supposed to be some loud mouth, judging by her bio, but she's the most snooze-worthy player in the house. BORING.

Sabrina: I am pretty sure Sabrina is in love with Andrew, or Andrew AND Kenny. She will do anything they say. I think she secretly wants a threesome.

Sarah: Her eyebrows. HER EYEBROWS. She complains a lot and when she talks she whines. Someone burn that skeleton-sie she insists on wearing daily.

Scott: I want to party with Contessa!!!

TOMORROW we finally get to see which of the Secret 3 get to enter the Big Brother Canada Season 2 house. Judging by our poll, it looks like it's going to be Allison entering the house.

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