#BBCAN's Gary Glitter Photographed For Controversial Article

Gary Glitter Big Brother Canada
Gary Glitter featured in "Lost Boys" article on VICE
Big Brother Canada's Gary 'Glitter' Levy was photographed for a controversial piece last November on VICE Canada titled, "Lost Boys."

Man Snorting Cocaine Church Street Toronto
Man snorting cocaine before hitting the club
The story, which is accompanied by controversial photos of drug use and sex, revolves around Toronto's underground gay club scene on Church Street.

Photographer Alex Ramadan became a part of this particular club scene, and for two years he photographed and interviewed the men it was comprised of.

Gary Glitter is featured in two photographs for the article. He is not in any of the controversial photos, nor was he quoted.

The article portrays Church street's club scene as a place where sex, drugs and house music rule. It also suggests the men involved are attempting to "escape" reality. A man named Matt Barker was quoted as saying, "It was like a mini Neverland. Swear to god. You could fly; you could be whomever you wanted for five hours. That’s what I did. I played dress up. I played make-believe."

He added, "Every club kid that’s in my club kid family has a problem. Mental, physical, addicted to stuff…that’s the glue. If you’re too perfect, you don’t fit in with us."

Read the article and see the photos at VICE.ca.

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