BBCAN2: Canada is HoH! Kenny, Andrew, Sabrina In Jeopardy

Congrats, Canada, YOU are Big Brother Canada's HoH!
I think all of Canada (and the U.S.) is stoked to hear that the Twistos Twist is that Big Brother Canada fans are this week's HoH!


After waiting for an HoH to put up power players, something which has yet to happen, the whiny, bitchy fans (myself included) will finally get to have their say by nominating those who we want to see head out the door ASAP.

What I want to know is, who will YOU be voting for?

Big Brother Canada 2 fans get to make two nominations. LOTS of people are saying Sabrina and Andrew, or Kenny and Andrew. I am going with Kenny and Andrew. The reason being, Sabrina will most likely not win the Power of Veto, but Kenny or Andrew might. If one of them does, we can replace him with Sabrina.

Personally, I want Andrew gone. Or Kenny. Sabrina might be annoying, but she will NEVER win this game. Andrew or Kenny have a much better shot. It's funny, I thought I would love Kenny in the game, but he's just "meh" to me. At least Sabrina brings the drama. Without her, the house might start to get a little boring. Just saying.

So tell me, Big Brother Canada fans, who are you nominating, and why? Don't let your HoH go to waste!


  1. As much as a I hate Sabrina, I hate Kenny and Andrew 10X more. Fuck those fuckin' fuck face fuckers!!

  2. I'm going for Kenny and Sabrina, since enough people hate Andrew in the house, he'll be put up anyways when Jon/Adel, etc gets HoH the following week.

    And don't forget Adel hv his special power, if the third person in the terrible three does get picked, he can remove that person, and I think he is smart enough to do that. So I wouldn't worry too much about that.

  3. All 3: 1) Sab, 2) Andrew and 3) Kenny. The only problem might be if Kenny wins HOH and saves Andrew, then we cant have Kenny up to replace him. So smart money would put Andrew and Kenny up, as Sabrina couldn't win a windfall, and if one of the 2 win veto, Sab goes up - buh bye SAB! I just don't know if it'll play out that way.

  4. They really need to lose their info conduit (Sab) and the guys (Andrew and Kenny) need to get off their respective duffs and start doing some of their own work! - Bunch of lazy so-and-so's! I am sure there are many and varied expletives to insert there. I'll leave it to others to do so.

  5. I want Andrew out like yesterday.... Can't wait for anyone else to do the job... Come on Canada, let's do this...