BB Canada 2: Bizarre Love Triangle: Andrew, Kenny and Sabrina

Big Brother Canada 2 Hookups Kisses
Big Brother Canada 2's Love Triangle: Kenny, Sabrina, Andrew
The sleep together, cuddle and kiss, so what is the deal with Andrew, Kenny and Sabrina?

It's like a bromance with the beard in the middle, but is it Kenny, or Sabrina who is the beard? I'm so confused. 

After casually kissing Andrew the other night, Sabrina and Kenny kissed after a little boozing Thursday night. No tongue with either kiss, but it seems all three are attracted to one another. 

But now that Allison is in the Big Brother Canada 2 house, will their showmance change? It sure seems like Andrew and Allison are getting along all fine and dandy. Watch for 'Sabby the Butcher' to make her debut.

Big Brother Canada 2 Hookup Showmance
Will Andrew and Allison become the new snuggle bunnies?

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