#BBCAN2 Final Houseguest: Who Do YOU Want To Join The Cast?

Big Brother Canada 2 Final Houseguest
Who Do You Want to Enter the Big Brother Canada House
Wednesday was the Big Brother Canada Season 2 premiere and we finally learned who the final houseguest will be.

Sort of.

It was rumored that Scott Bosse, a drag queen who goes by the name of 'Contessa', was the final houseguest. However, that was only partially correct.

Scott is joined by Nate Sandri and Allison White who await Canada's vote to see WHO will join the Big Brother Canada Season 2 cast. Fans can vote for who they want to join the BBCAN2 cast over at slice.ca.

I'm curious how fans are going to vote, so let's do a poll here and maybe this will give us an idea.

Who Do You Want To Join The BB Canada Cast?

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