#BBCAN2: Big Brother Canada's Anick Is First Evicted

Big Brother Canada Anick Evicted
Anick is first evicted on #BBCAN2
By a vote of 11-0, Anick Gervais was the first Big Brother Canada houseguest to be evicted.

She was put on the block by the first #BBCAN2 HOH, Paul, along with Andrew. Andrew won POV and took himself off the block. He was replaced by Ika.

Anick's eviction speech:
"Thanks so much for this amazing experience. I think every single one of you is beautiful inside and out. I would love the opportunity for more 30-second hugs and group relaxtion sessions and I would love for the opportunity to keep the love flowing."

Ika's speech:
"I'm really happy at the chance to meet you guys. It's been wonderful. You guys are all fabulous. I'm hoping Anick's did not work and you continue to keep me and I continue to Ika-fy you guys."

Are you glad Anick was voted out of Big Brother Canada house first? Would you rather have seen Ika go home first?


  1. Not glad Anick is gone. Ika is a royal bitch but I guess that's how you play the game. Anick is better off not having to live with some of these people. I'd rather be a little unique than a lot "mean girl." Good for you Anick - there are many other people in the world ready for the love revolution.

    1. I agree. Anick is special. Maybe a little too special for these people. I was really hoping that Ika would go - I have the gut feeling she is trully mean and nasty. But then again, those are the ones that people seem to want to watch for some reason. Vicariously experinece an evil they would never give voice to in their own lives maybe? Or just the human fascination with train wrecks, or people that cause them.

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