Allison White is the #FinalHG on #BBCAN2

Allison White Big Brother Canada 2 Final Houseguest
Allison voted in to the Big Brother Canada 2 house!
It was between Allison, Nate and Scott, and after Big Brother Canada 2 fans voted, Allison White was chosen as the Final Houseguest!

Allison, a Big Brother live feeder, knows a lot about the game, and her charm won over BB fans around the world. For one week, Allison, Nate and Scott lived in a secret room (the "War Room") where they got to observe (but not hear) the houseguests as they lived in the BBCAN2 house. It was a long week, but worth it for Allison, who is now a regular cast member.

After learning she was chosen to enter the house, Big Brother Canada 2 host Arisa Cox told Allison that she was forbidden to tell anyone about the War Room - or her observations over the past week. She will face immediate eviction if she does not comply. She was also told that she could make up anything she wanted as to why she was entering the house late. Allison went in and immediately acted like it was Day 1. Genius, keeping it simple. She also pretended to be shocked the rest of the cast had been there for more than a week.

Will Allison fit in with the Big Brother Canada 2 cast? Who will she align with, and will she be able to avoid being nominated next week?

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