#BBCAN2: Allison to Win Big Brother Canada 2's #FinalHG Spot?

Big Brother Canada Allison Final HG
Should Allison be the Final Houseguest? 
It appears Allison is going to be chosen as the Final Houseguest on Big Brother Canada 2. This, according to the poll I posted last week, other polls I have seen online, and the buzz on Twitter. It also seems that most former BB houseguests, from both BBUS and BBCAN, are pulling for Allison.

On Thursday we will FINALLY get to see who'll be voted into the house, and those poor three souls can FINALLY get the funk out of that hellhole. A week in that place was faaaar too long, don't you agree? I think the #FinalHg twist could have been better had it have been shorter.

How will Allison (hopefully) being in the house change the Big Brother Canada 2 dynamics? Who do you think she will align with, and who do you think will be threatened by her? I can't wait to find out.

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