#BBCAN2's Adel Attacks Paul, Threatens Punches: Did He Get Evicted?

Big Brother Canada Adel Attacks Paul
Adel flipping off Paul
On the Big Brother Canada 2 live feeds Sunday, Adel Elseri, self proclaimed "people's champ," threatened fellow houseguest Paul Jackson.

It all happened in the bedroom after Adel and Kyle found out Paul threw them under the bus. They tore into Paul, with Adel getting in his face, flipping him off with both hands. Adel then flipped off every camera in the room.

The argument escalated and at one point Adel started hurling threats.
"I'm going to drive this house mad ... and the first person who attacks my religion, my sexuality, I'm going to punch them out on National TV and I'm going to get evicted. I hope production hears that. The first person that bashes my religion, or my sexuality, or anything, whatever derogatory, I'm going to knock them right the F out."

Adel looked up at the cameras and added, "You guys are getting your warning. That's all I'm telling you."

Soon after the feeds cut and they have been down ever since. Except for the War Room. Those poor bastards in there. Big Brother should really let them out of that hellhole.

Big Brother did tell Allison, Scott and Nate that there had been an "unfortunate situation," and since the live feeds are down we have no way of knowing what that means. It's nearly midnight on the West Coast and I don't think they will be coming back on anytime soon.

Does Big Brother Canada's "unfortunate situation" mean that Adel was evicted for making threats, getting in Paul's face and flipping off BB? Or did he self-evict?

I'll update this story Monday morning as soon as we learn more. What do YOU think happened? 

[Video: OnlineBigBrother.com]

UPDATE: Adel has NOT been evicted. 
The BBCAN2 live feeds returned around 12:35AM PST, and there he was, smiling in bed on Cam1. So what the "unfortunate situation" was, I can't tell you. It's fricking late and I have no more patience for the feeds - which still keep cutting out.

Big Brother Canada 2 Adel Not Evicted
Adel smiles in bed. Oh, Canada.

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