Rachelle's Goth Look, Courtesy of Sabrina #BBCAN2

Big Brother Canada 2 Rachelle Goth
Sabrina does Rachelle's makeup on #BBCAN2. 
Sabrina gave Rachelle a makeover - or should we say, makeUNDER -  last night on the Big Brother Canada 2 live feeds.

Sabrina, a makeup artist, gave Rachelle super smoky eyes, pale skin and deep wine colored lips in her goth makeover. The pink tint under her eyes made her look "sick," according to one houseguest (I think it was Andrew who said it), and Neda, who hated the look, said Rachelle looked like a zombie.

Rachelle went to the diary room shortly afterward, so be looking for that DR session on Wednesday's show.

Do you love or hate Rachelle's goth look?

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