BB Canada 2: Kenny Comes Out To Sarah

BBCAN2 Kenny Comes Out To Sarah
Kenny Comes Out to Sarah on Big Brother Canada 2
Sorry I haven't done a lot of blogging over the past week, between the Oso mudslide (I live near there and have dear friends affected) and traveling throughout Texas, Big Brother Canada 2 has kind of taken a back seat. So thank you to all of you who have been keeping me in the know.

So what's everyone talking about right now? Kenny coming out to Sarah in the backyard.
Kenny Brain, the bearded one who has kept his sexual orientation a secret for nearly a month, finally came out of the closet, to Sarah.

Watch the video below to hear Kenny come out to Sarah. It starts at 11:20. Kenny says, "So..." and Sarah immediately senses what she is about to hear is juicy. She shifts in her chair and gets comfortable, with a big ol' grin on her face.

"I'm gay." - Kenny to Sarah.

Sarah seems shocked, but not in a bad way. "Why don't you want to tell anybody that?" she asks.

"It was a strategic thing at first, for like flirting, cos I was a bartender, I was good with women, it's only been the last few years."

Sarah is glad her husband won't have to be jealous, and Kenny tells her Canada knows he is gay.

The bond between these two is touching. I love Sarah even more now, and even though Kenny bugs me sometimes, I love this moment. Don't you?

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