Is Allison Regretting Her Showmance With Andrew?

Big Brother Canada 2 Allison Andrew Fake Showmance
Big Brother Canada 2: Allison is totally playing Andrew. I'm so giddy. 
Does Allison have a boyfriend named Aaron? After whispering in her microphone Wednesday, "I'm so sorry, Aaron," it appears so.

On Wednesday, Allison sent a message to someone named Aaron, right after kissing showmance partner, Andrew. Maybe we should start calling it the FAUXMANCE.

Allison and Andrew were talking about jury, and how they want people they like in the Big Brother Canada 2 jury house. Andrew gets up, kisses Allison three times, then goes upstairs.

"I'm so sorry, Aaron. It's a game. I miss you. F*@%! I hate myself."

Soooo......I'm sure many of you will be thrilled to know Allison IS playing Andrew. But WHO is Aaron? Anyone?
Watch Allison talk to Aaron:

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