BB Canada 2: Adel Says He Will Propose To Girlfriend On The Show

BBCAN2 Adel Elseri Proposes To Girlfriend
Adel says it's time to marry his girl.  
Big Brother Canada 2's Adel Elseri told fellow houseguests he plans on proposing to his girlfriend the moment he's on stage with host Arisa Cox.

Adel told Jon about his plan previously, but Monday night he told Sabrina and Rachelle as well. Adel says when Arisa asks if there's anything more he'd like to say, he's going to take the mic, get on one knee, and propose to his girlfriend - who he hopes will be watching at home.

Once she gets wind of this, you can guarantee she'll be watching.

Adel says he loves his girlfriend of 7-months and is ready to settle down with her. "I'm not a kid anymore, I grew up. I'm ready."

Sabrina asks if he loves her. He nods and says, "I can't believe she picked me to love back."

Adel Proposal To Girlfriend on Big Brother Canada
Sabrina looks happy for Adel, Rachelle looks concerned.

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