Big Brother Canada Flashback: Talla's Drunk!

Big Brother Canada 1 Talla Drunk Hot Tub
BBCAN: The night that Talla got drunk.
Oh, how I love me some Talla.

Girlfriend had me laughing my ass off throughout Big Brother Canada Season 1, and one of her most memorable moments was the drunk hot tub scene. I'm sure Talla doesn't remember any of this, but for live feeders, this was comedy gold.

Talla looks like she is sitting on a ball as she smokes on the side of the hot tub. Gary seems to be the only one interested in helping her out. When Andrew tells Talla to take off her pants before getting in the hot tub, Gary says hell no, she doesn't need to. Then Gary takes her microphone off so it won't get wet. He tells her to get in. But wait, didn't anyone know that the LAST thing you do to someone who's wasted is submerge them in 103 degree water?! So maybe Gary wasn't exactly helping the situation, but his heart was in the right place. "Hot water's good for you!"

Andrew takes the cigarette out of Talla's hand. Gary squeals, "I wanna smoke it! I wanna smoke it! I wanna smoke it!"

Talla looks like she's going to lay down on the ledge of the pool. No wait, she's plopped down in the hot tub and somehow managed to stay erect. "Party in the U.S.A.!" Gary screams.

"Talla, are you going to vomit?"

"No, I peed."

"Just tell us if you have to go number 2."

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