BB Canada 2: Cast Quotes of the Week

Paul is pooped.

Just a few fun quotes from the Big Brother Canada 2 house, are there any you would like to add?

"I'm an ass man." - Kenny when asked by Sabrina what type of girls he goes for 

"It's easy for people to want to make big moves on your HOH, but never on theirs." - Ika 

"I'm feeling pretty calm. I know Ika's not going to put me up because I'm her girl." - Heather 

"I want to spoon you." - Andrew to Sabrina 

"He's not just a tool he's a bag of tools, he's a toolbox." - Jon on Andrew 

"I don’t like her. She came in here in her disco outfit and her 80s hairdo." - Ika on Allison 

"The way I see it, your word is golden to me when I don't walk out the door." - Paul to Ika 

"What is that? Did you just sh*t yourself?" - Adel to Paul 

"." - Rachelle

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