BB Canada 2 Cast: Week 2 Impressions

Big Brother Canada 2 Girls Alliance
Week 2 Thoughts
I'm really missing Kyle right about now.

It's week 2 inside the Big Brother Canada 2 house and it's been Ika's flip-floppy, sloppy HOH week. Dynamics in the house have changed since the addition of Allison, and Adel's secret power caused lots of paranoia. So what do I think about the Big Brother Canada 2 cast during week 2? Here are my brief thoughts:

BBCAN2 Adel Elseri
Adel: I like him more and more because he's not afraid to say what he thinks. He's a hard game player but had a shaky first week after losing his main ally (Kyle). Adel's managed to win over Canada which gave him some much needed leverage with his "Secret Power." My worry is that his lies may come back to bite him in the ass.

BBCAN2 Allison White
Allison: We loved her last week but now that she's actually in the house . . . meh. Shoulda picked Scott. At least we'd have a drag queen competition happening.

BBCAN2 Andrew Gordon
Andrew: Still picking his nose, parading around with his chest out like he owns the joint. I don't think he's worried about winning as much as he is looking forward to sticking it to Allison after the show.

BBCAN2 Arlie Shaban
Arlie: Arlie's got good game this week. He's got good connections all the way around and isn't really on anyone's radar as a threat. But damn that hair has got to go.

BBCAN2 Heather Decksheimer
Heather: Oh, Heather. So sweet and pleasant. The girls are fools for not utilizing her.

BBCAN2 Ika Wong
Ika: I know there is a lot of Ika hate going around, but I like her. Too bad her indecisiveness has gotten the best of her this week. She should play with her instincts.

BBCAN2 Jon Pardy
Jon: Pretty sure Jon has a good shot at winning this game.

BBCAN2 Kenny Brain Naked
Kenny: After his oily underpants dance on Sunday I'm pretty sure there isn't a gay out there not rooting for this beefcake.

BBCAN2 Neda Kalantar
Neda: I still like her. She's low-key yet sneaky. She's the female equivalent of Jon.

BBCAN2 Paul  Jackson
Paul: Paul's pity party was too much this week, but oh my lawd has this man been fun to watch. We'll miss the back and forth ball-busting between he and Adel.

BBCAN2 Rachelle Diamond
Rachelle: Still invisible.

BBCAN2 Sabrina Abate
Sabrina: She makes me want to stab myself in the face. I almost wish it WAS Kim Kardashian in the house, and that's saying something.

BBCAN2 Sarah Miller
Sarah: I think she is really struggling psychologically & emotionally this week. The pressures of missing her family and constantly feeling mind-f***ed in the house are taking their toll on her.

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