#BBCAN2 : Allison Reveals She Was Voted Into The House?

Big Brother Canada 2 Allison White's Secret Revealed
The exact moment BB Canada's Allison realizes she's revealed her secret *VIDEO BELOW
(Before you rip my head off, updates BELOW.)


Big Brother Canada Season 2's Allison White, the secret houseguest who was voted into the house by fans, entered the house on these conditions...

She cannot reveal she was in the "War Room" for a week with Scott and Nate, that she watched the houseguests on a big screen or was voted into the BBCAN2 house.

Well, oops...she screwed up Wednesday night. Big time.

While sitting with HoH Ika and showmance partner Andrew, Allison accidentally let it slip that she was voted into the house. As soon as I heard her say it my jaw dropped and I held my breath.

But no one caught on. NO ONE CAUGHT ON!

During a conversation about how difficult it is in the house, Allison looks up at the camera and says to the live feeders, "This is much easier from home." She gives the camera a sly little grin and takes a breath before adding, "You voted me in here. I'm starting to wonder why."

*record scratch*

"You voted me in here. I'm starting to wonder why." - Allison to live feeders in front of Ika and Andrew

Immediately after she revealed her secret you could tell she had realized her mistake. Her face went pale and the smile was flushed from her face. You could almost hear her swallowing her heart. (Above photo.)

But no one caught on. 

I caught the OMG/WTF moment on Vine in case you missed it. (Below)

UPDATE: Some people think she said "If...you voted me in here..." and was joking. If you think this, please explain to me, if Allison was instructed to NOT REVEAL she was voted into the house, WHY would she joke about it? That would be a line I wouldn't want cross if I was her. So I'm not buying it. I think it was a legitimate f-up.

UPDATE 2: Okay, to be fair, I may have missed part of the backstory here. Corey on Twitter says there was a previous conversation about her possibly being voted in. Another houseguest had that theory, and so Allison was playing it up. Okay, but damn, I wouldn't even PLAY like that if I knew there were already suspicions...

I was in error when I said Allison couldn't say she was "voted in". Arisa told Allison she could tell them any reason she entered the house. I guess I just assumed that meant she couldn't say the TRUTH, lol. Apparently not.

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