#BBCAN2: Allison and Andrew Kiss/ Make Out in the Bedroom

Big Brother Canada Allison Andrew Kiss Make Out
BB Canada: Allison and Andrew kiss - what will Sabrina think?
Sorry, Sabrina, but Allison came between you and your man!

Since her arrival to the Big Brother Canada 2 house on Thursday, Allison and Andrew have been joined at the hip, the attraction was instantaneous. Andrew joked with Allison, saying they are the "first showmance" of the season. So I guess he and Sabrina didn't count. And no, as of right now, Sabrina doesn't know Andrew and Allison kissed.

Thanks to OnlineBigBrother for catching the kiss on video, I lurve you.

Sabrina and Ika were talking earlier and Ika told her she needs to do more to show Andrew she has feelings for him. Heh. Good luck with that! I wonder how she will react when she finds out about the kiss?

After kissing Allison, Andrew tells her he's been wanting to do it "a lot" since he first saw her. He tells her she is beautiful and cool. She tells him they are an unlikely couple, and that she usually goes for the "Kenny-type". Now that's funny.

Is this going to be the power couple of the Big Brother Canada 2 season, or will Allison and Andrew's showmance destroy their chances at winning the game?

What do you think of Allison and Andrew's showmance? Does their showmance make you wish either Nate or Scott had been voted into the Big Brother Canada 2 house instead?

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