#BBCAN2 Anick Gervais Takes to YouTube After Eviction

Anick Gervais Big Brother Canada 2
#BBCAN2's Anick Gervais horses around on YouTube. 
Big Brother Canada 2's Anick Gervais was the first evicted houseguest in 2014, and now she's back to the real world.

Anick made a YouTube thanking fans for their support after her eviction. She says the experience made her a stronger person and that she's okay with being first out, because they "obviously were very threatened by me."

"It [Big Brother Canada] gave me the opportunity to talk to you guys, and now you guys like me and you're gonna follow me, and keep this love revolution going. Wow, wow. This is a dream come true."
Oh, and make sure you watch Anick's video until the very end.
Giddyup, bitches.

Big Brother Canada  2 Anick Horse Mask
And for the 'mane' attraction...
Anick listed all of her social media sites at the end of the video, here they are:
Anick Gervais' YouTube Channel
Facebook: Daily Anickdotes
Instagram: Anickdotes
Twitter Anickgerbais
Blog: anickdotes.com

And if you're a total creeperton and just have to have one of those horse masks, you can buy one here for $23. You freak.


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