Amazing Race: Rachel Reilly Fights With Country Singers

Amazing Race All Stars Country SIngers
The country singers on The Amazing Race All-Stars
The Amazing Race All-Stars is not without drama this season, on the show and off!

This past weekend things got nasty after Rachel Reilly gave an interview saying the country singers didn't deserve to be there, and can only get through the game by sticking "their boobs out."

Amazing Race All Stars Rachel Reilly
Brendon and Rachel on The Amazing Race All-Stars
It all started at Thursday night’s OK! Magazine Pre-Oscar Party, where Rachel Reilly told a blogger that the country singers, Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Wayne, had to use their feminine parts to get them further in the game. (

 “The country singers, I don’t even know why they got asked back. The last time all they did was flirt with all the guys and follow them around. It’s like, their trick is to stick their boobs out and it gets them ahead in the game.” - Rachel Reilly on Jennifer and Caroline

On Sunday's episode Jennifer begged the cowboys for their Express Pass and got it. Other teams were livid. "I can't believe they got the Express Pass," said Joey, "the blondes literally can't do anything on their own."

The country singers have since responded on Twitter, saying they are shocked Rachel is attacking them, and they are disappointed because females should stick together, not pick each other apart.

(Caroline's tweet has since been deleted.)

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