Watch Big Brother Canada Live Feeds And Episodes In U.S.A.

Big Brother Canada 2 Live Feeds Online
Here's how to watch the BBCAN feeds in the U.S.A.
BB fans are wondering, "How can I watch Big Brother Canada live feeds & episodes in the USA?" I'm here to point you in the right direction since the live feeds will be blocked in the USA, once again.

First, Big Brother Canada Season 2 will air three nights a week, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, at 9pm ET/PT starting on March 5, 2014. You can watch the live episodes over at TVNutters (lots of ads, don't download/click anything) , UStream, or videobrother.

Canadian fans can simply tune into Slice's site for the live feeds.

Hopefully Big Brother Canada will eventually allow live feeds for USA fans since BBUS allowed Canadians to watch ours last season, but it won't be happening this year. Come on, Slice, hook us up!


(3/20/14: NEW UPDATE Here)

Big Brother Canada Live Feeds in USA
Watch the #BBCAN2 live feeds using Google Chrome and 'hola!' 
Another great way, and an easier way, of watching the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds in 2014 is by using the Google Chrome app, "hola!" Thanks to all the BB fans who sent this in to me, it's freaking genius.

When used with Google Chrome, 'hola' allows you to visit blocked sites, such as the BBCan live feeds. For Big Brother fans this is HUGE. This means I get to watch the UK/AU channels as well. This just made my day.

How to use hola! with the BBCan2 Live Feeds:

  • Download 'hola!' it will add an icon to your toolbar in the upper right corner. (Go here later to select your country. i.e. "Canada")
  • Create free account
  • From there you can select channels (for Big Brother Canada it's SLICE.CA) and you will be forwarded to the website.

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