Survivor's Jonny Fairplay Says Celebrity Boxing Promoter Owes Him $2500

Fairplay says Damon Feldman owes him $2,500 for Celebrity Boxing
Yesterday news broke about an upcoming Celebrity Boxing match between rapper DMX and Trayvon Martin's killer George Zimmerman.

Boxing promoter Damon Feldman, not known for being the most upstanding of citizens, announced the fight on what would have been Trayvon's 19th birthday.

News of the fight lit the internet on fire. Some believe the boxing match glorifies Zimmerman, while others are hoping to see him take a beating.

In the midst of all this, a former Celebrity Boxing participant, Jonny Fairplay of Survivor, has tweeted a warning to DMX, telling him to get his money ahead of time, because Damon Feldman screwed him out of $2,500.

BTW, Jonny lost the fight to Michael Lohan.

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