Nick Uhas Commercial Pokes Fun of GinaMarie Zimmerman

Nick's commercial spoofs Big Brother & GinaMarie. 
Big Brother 15's Nick Uhas was chosen by Reality Wanted Awards to make a series of short web videos to promote their upcoming awards show.

In the 4th released promo for the 2014 Reality Wanted Awards show, Nick Uhas ("Rick") and an actress ("Tina Sharie") make fun of GinaMarie Zimmerman's crush on Nick while in the BB15 house.
Nick Uhas In Reality Wanted Awards Commercial
GinaMarie spoofed in commercial

The 18-second clip has upset GinaMarie. She let it be known on Twitter that it crushed her.

"i don't understand some people.I mean u care about some1 so much,they just sh*t on u ,laugh & make fun of how u feel,its just makes me sick" -GinaMarie on Twitter

Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren also weighed in on Nick's commercial:

As did Judd Daugherty:

Amanda Zuckerman has chimed in as well:

And now Nick's mom(?) is also in on the conversation. Can anyone verify this is really her? If it is, she also lashed out at Amanda and BB fans on Twitter for siding with GM.
(UPDATE: Mom Uhas has deleted all tweets where she mixes it up with BB fans, probably realizing the more she responds, the more backlash there is.)

Meanwhile, Nick is laughing all the way to the bank. He looks pretty excited about it.

Nick Uhas Sells Out Again
Sell out?

Watch Nick Uhas in the Reality Wanted Awards web commercial:

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