Michele Noonan Ross Asks Fans For Help: Needs Money For Surgery

Big Brother 11 Michele Noonan Ross GoFundMe
Photo from Michele's GoFundMe page
Big Brother 11's Michele Noonan Ross says she is suffering from severe endometriosis that has caused her to live in pain 24/7. She says it's so bad she's even contemplated suicide.

"Some days the pain (is) so severe I honestly think about suicide because there is no way I can continue like this without surgery." 

Michele, who was arrested last year for possessing legal medical marijuana, says she spends most of her days crying in pain. She adds that her medical insurance won't cover "the surgery required for an official diagnosis," or the surgery to remove the scar tissue from the endometriosis. She also claims doctors will not prescribe her painkillers for her condition.

"If I can't get better through surgery, I can't get back to work, and will likely have to move from my current apt and/or become homeless. Please help me." - Michele Noonan Ross on her GoFundMe page.

Michele has started a GoFundMe campaign in hopes that she can raise enough money to cover her medical expenses.

She plans on documenting her experience.

"I plan to film & document my experiences so that I can educate the public about endometriosis, provide resources for those with endometriosis, and fundraise for endometriosis foundations and other patients in need."

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