Big Brother Twitter Wars: Liza Stinton vs. GinaMarie Zimmerman

Liza Stinton GinaMarie Zimmerman Twitter Fight
Shirtless Tom and GM's new lips on Skype
It's Friday and we're beginning our weekend with an explosive Twitter war between Big Brother Canada's Liza Stinton and BBUS' GinaMarie Zimmerman.

Liza has made it known that she's not down with either GM (or Aaryn) from BB15, and GinaMarie can't stand Liza because she hung out with Nick that one time. So when GinaMarie and Tom started getting friendly, you just KNEW all hell was going to break loose.

Last night, GinaMarie (and her NEW lips) posted a pic of her Skyping with Tom. The pic was kinda creepy because it was posted before sunrise, and Tom was shirtless. Shirtless on Skype is just....weird. Unless your Skype sexin'.

Anyhow, there was already bad blood between Liza and GinaMarie, but now that GM is attaching herself to Liza's ex, I have a feeling this isn't going to get any prettier.

After GinaMarie posted her shirtless Skype pic last night she also wrote to Tom, "lol love it i wash [sp] i was next to you awwww."

Fans of both GM and Liza have been hashing out all day on Twitter. There are so many tweets it's impossible to wade through them all. One fan asked Liza why she cares about GM and Tom if they aren't together anymore. Liza replied, "Don't get it twisted. Tom was in love with me. But you're right, it doesn't matter. They can post all the pics they want."

Some of the best Tweets from the fight:

Are you #TeamGM or #TeamLiza, and what do you think about GinaMarie and Tom hooking up? 

I wonder what GM will think about his tattoo...

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