BB15's Amanda and McCrae Broke Up?

Amanda Zuckerman McCrae Olson Break Up
McCranda Breaks Up?
It sounds like Big Brother 15's Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson have broken up, after a telling tweet from Amanda on Friday night.
Amanda's post reads:

"After a lot of thought and discussion, McCrae and I have decided that it's in both of our best interest to continue our relationship as friends. There is no ill will, he is a very important part of my life, and I will always love him, and what we shared. Thank you for respecting our decision." - Amanda Zuckerman on Twitter

Wowza. I have to say I'm a little shocked. Even though during the Big Brother 15 season I never thought they would make it outside of the house, once they were outside, I thought they would get freaking married. Really. Apparently that's not the case.

Amanda and McCrae are learning to live without one another, outside of the Big Brother 15 house, and real life may have gotten in the way of their relationship.

I've heard from numerous former Big Brother houseguests that once you leave the BB house you are caught in a whirlwind of media attention, and you tend to become accustomed to a crazy "celebrity" lifestyle. If you were involved in a "showmance," it will garner tons of attention, but that all wears off quickly. Even the best of showmances, no matter the Reality TV show, have a very low percentage rate of surviving.

I know a lot of people (Amanda fans) have it in their heads that I hate Amanda, but it's simply not true. I thought she was a complete and utter twat at times, but she was also 100% the entertainment that I expect from Big Brother. AND she was the most strategic in BB15. More than Andy Herren, Amanda Zuckerman deserved to win. She was so awesome, in fact, that I think she should be brought back for an All Stars season.

Best wishes to both Amanda and McCrae, and if they were meant to be together, it will happen, just give it time.

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