BB15: Making Sense of David Girton's Tweets

Daily Potato David Girton Drawing Tweets
Daily Potato: David Girton's Tweets Made Literal
You're probably laughing at the post title because we all know there is no making sense of Big Brother 15 David Girton's tweets.

David's tweets have never been "normal," but they've gotten more and more bizarre recently.

The BB15 hair farmer has been posting random video clips, usually of a sexual nature (cramming bananas in his mouth, sucking on popsicles, etc.), as well as naked photos of himself in strange poses. But mostly his tweets are mumbo-jumbo and many are difficult to decipher.

That's where Daily Potato comes in.

@IdolKnights creates literal drawings of David's tweets, and they are an absolute riot.

Daily Potato Comics David Girton

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