#BBCan2: Big Brother Canada Season 2 Will Have An Early Eviction

Big Brother Canada First Evicted
BBCan2 will evict a houseguest ASAP!
I wish I had a ton of Big Brother Canada Season 2 spoilers, but the only one I can really dish is that this season will have an early eviction, on Episode 2.

How do I know this? Big Brother Canada's official Twitter account says their "Eviction Episodes" are on March 6, 2014 and March 13, 2014, so we can pretty much guess someone is going home early. (The premiere date is March 5, 2014.)

Kat Yee, first evicted from Big Brother Canada Season 1, went home on Day 8, but it was Episode 2. It appears the same thing is in order for Season 2.

Being as #BBCan2 is set to premiere in two weeks, we can expect casting news, house photos and other info to hit the web very soon. Are you excited?

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