#BBCAN2: Follow Big Brother Canada Season 2 Cast Twitter Accounts

Big Brother Canada 2 Cast Twitter Accounts
#BBCAN2 Cast Twitter Accounts
Want to follow the Big Brother Canada 2 cast on Twitter? After some digging around I found the following accounts, which I believe to be genuine. (If you know something I don't know, or have something to add, leave a msg. in the comments below and I'll update the article.)

Adel Elseri: @AdelElseri | YouTube Channel @AdelBBC2

Allison White: Instagram | Allison's BFF on Twitter says she'll announce Allison's personal account once she leaves the house. @AllyDub

Andrew Gordon: Can't locate his if he does have one, but his workplace is cheering him on over at @CraftBeerMarket. @AndrewGordonYYC

Anick Gervais: @AnickGervais | YouTube Channel

Arlie Shaban: @ArlieShaban  or @ArlieShabanBBC2 , this guy once rocked a superbeard. Wonder if Big Brother made him shave it off? They've been known to make females dye their hair before coming on the show, so why not shave a beard? Especially if another castmate's beard is better?

Heather Decksheimer: Not sure if she has a Twitter account, but her cousin's wife is on Twitter and shares the same name. Wifey has 2 accounts under that name, and neither is BBCAN's Heather. Same goes for Facebook.  @BBCAN2HEATHER

Ika Wong: Can't find a damn thing. @BBcanIKA

Jon Pardy: @jpards Pretty sure this is his Twitter. @GoofyNewfieBBCA

Kenny Brain: Possibly his Facebook? @TeamKennyBrain

Kyle Shore: Can't find nada@TheShoregasm @KyleShoreBBCAN

Nate Sandri: @NateSandriBBC2

Neda Kalantar: @nnneda @NedaBBCAN

Paul Jackson: @PJacksonBBcan

Rachelle Diamond: @bewildalways @BBCAN2Rachelle

Sabrina Abbate: Dunno. @sabrinaBBCAN

Sarah Miller: Common name, tough to find! Sarah's sister is running @TeamSBMiller @SarahBBCAN2

Scott Bosse aka Contessa: @ScottContessaB @ScottessaBBCAN2

Again, if you can help me complete this list, please, feel free! I'll be updating it as time rolls on. Less than a week until Big Brother Canada Season 2 begins!

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